From the beginning - and that is now more than 70 years ago - we have adapted to new challenges and markets. BRUNS started in 1949 with the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery. Changes in agriculture called for new approaches, and so a few years later we focused on the design and manufacture of containers and waste compactors for economical waste disposal.
BRUNS has remained with this focus to this day. However, we did not stand still. Quite the opposite: over the years we have actively developed ourselves and our products and continually adapted them to the exciting demands of the environment and the market. Because we want to offer you what you need, even before you start looking for it.
Society's growing environmental awareness has brought with it complex tasks that we face with conviction and full commitment. "Can't do it" doesn't exist at BRUNS - we have the right solution for every disposal problem. Challenge us and let the variety and quality of our products convince you!
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ISO 9001
Seit Jahrzehnten  nach ISO 9001 zertifiziert
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Hinter den Kulissen
So ausgewählt wie unsere Produkte sind auch unsere Mitarbeiter. Wir setzen auf Engagement, Kreativität und flache Hierarchien, um aus unserem Team das Beste herauszuholen, und zwar in allen Bereichen. Ob Konstruktion, Fertigung, Verkauf oder Service – wir überzeugen in allen Bereichen. Wann dürfen wir Sie überzeugen?